Torco Zinc Enhanced Engine Protector (ZEP)


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Torco Zinc Enhanced Engine Protector (ZEP)
Torco’s Zinc Enhanced Engine Protector (ZEP) is an additive specifically designed for older engines without catalytic converters.
The new API SL and SM motor oils offer less protection to older engines used in Hot Rods, Classics and Seventies Muscle Cars because “zinc,” the anti-wear chemical, is purposely removed to prevent ‘poisoning’ the catalytic converters used in later vehicles.
ZEP contains Torco MPZ - a perfect balance of molybdenum, phosphorous and zinc - that puts wear-protection back into your motor oil.
Any internal combustion engine that is not using a catalytic converter wil benefit from the addition of ZEP. ZEP coats all engine parts and protects them from “dry starts” - oil starvation on start up - a leading cause of engine damage in vehicles kept in storage and driven infrequently.
ZEP won’t rub off, wear off, scrape off or scuff off. It is excellent for high-performance engines, especially those with flat tappet cams installed.

• Puts wear protection back into your motor oil
• Protects engines during “dry starts”
• Protects engines during storage
• Increase mileage and horsepower
• Extends engine life and reduces repairs

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