Hyperco Load Centering Platforms


Hyperco Load Centering Platforms
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Hyperco/ICP have made an astonishing breakthrough in tyre grip enhancement with a patented hydraulic centering device.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, the forces in a compressed spring are not centred on the central axis but offset causing a bending load. Left unchecked, this increases friction and wear in coil over dampers.

The hydraulic spring platforms eliminate the bending load by allowing the coil to tilt (up to 4).

For maximum side load reduction hydraulic platforms should be used on both ends of the spring. However a single platform will still reduce the load significantly when used at the shaft end.

Available Options

Slide-on platforms
To suit 1.875 ID springs (H100)
To suit 2.00 ID springs (H1020)
To suit 2.25 ID springs (H1030)
To suit 2.50 ID springs (H1040)

Thread on shock body platforms
To suit 2.25 Penske 8760 series (H1050)
To suit 2.25 Ohlins T44 series (H1060)
To suit 2.25 Penske 8175 series (H1051)
To suit 2.50 Penske 8175 series (H1052)

Thread on top platforms
To suit Penske 8760 series 45mm (H1070)
To suit Penske 8760 series 45mm (H1080)
To suit Ohlins T44 series (H1090)

Quick Release Shock Tops
To suit Penske (H1100)
To suit Ohlins (H1120)

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.
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