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Nimbus Motorsport are one of Europe’s leading suppliers of thermal control products, specialist lubricants and professional clothing and equipment for the motor racing industry. Nimbus have built their enviable reputation by only supplying those products that they fully understand and can reliably recommend to their customers. Started by Steve Clark, a motorsport engineer who wanted to offer others the products he had found during his own experience, Nimbus has added a new product to its expanding catalogue each year.
Those currently to be found are:

Fire Retardent Clothing


Standard fire resistant race underwear has been around for 30 years. CarbonX is a carbon fibre-based material that has a much better thermal protective performance (TPP) than its rivals, and shows no signs of degradation when washed many times. Manufactured in stylish natural black the Nimbus CarbonX underwear range not only has the highest limiting oxygen index of all flame resistant fabrics but in independent tests CarbonX has shown it can withstand extremely high temperatures for significantly longer than its closest competitor!


For over 50 years Torco has been dedicated to the design and development of oils that improve performance without compromising the highest standard of mechanical component durability. Torco's promise to you is to offer the highest standard of performance and protection.

Nimbus distributes Torco Oils throughout Europe. With a loyal and successful team of racers flying the Torco banner, the launch of the Supersport Series means that, even more than before, those who use the products lead the way on the track and the road. The products are based on a unique combination of synthetic base oil technologies and proprietary additive systems engineered to outperform regular consumer brand petroleum and synthetic oils.

Product Lines: SR-1 Supersport Series, SR-5 Professional Series Motor Oils, Professional Series Gear Oils, TR-1 Racing Motor Oil, Professional Series Transmission Fluids, V-series Motor and Transmission Oils , Service and Assembly Products (MPZ)
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Heat Management

Thermo-Tec's Racing and Automotive Products provide the complete line of comprehensive exhaust insulating and heat protection products. The Exhaust Insulating Wrap is a proven and fast seller, with over 2 million rolls sold. With Thermo-Tec's strong commitment to testing, the products are of the highest quality to meet any exhaust heat problems.

Nimbus distributes the complete Thermo-Tec range - not just the best sellers. Giving the best selection for professionals and racers throughout Europe. Not only has Thermo-Tec been there and done it, they continue to develop products that provide excellent quality and are the number one source for heat management solutions.

Founded in 1995, Design Engineering, Inc. has a great range of heat protective technology for the Performance Racing Industry. In the past few years, Design Engineering, Inc. has gone from 16 part numbers to well in excess of 125 in heat protection and performance enhancing products. This growth is through the company's dedication and commitment to quality.

The commitment to research and innovation has merged the science of aerodynamics with cryogenics to develop a complete system to cool the air/fuel charge thus creating power. The Cryo2™ system provides two methods of cooling the air charge and one method of cooling the fuel charge all utilising the same burst of liquid Co2.

The system can now be supplied with European approved bottles which conform to TPED and are π marked.

Professional Mechanics Gear

Nimbus continue the development of the Ringers Gloves brand throughout Europe. The Impact Glove continues to be the mainstay of this continually evolving range of professional gloves for the race mechanic. Key products also include the Authentic Glove, the Extrication Glove, and the new Heavy Duty Glove. "


The renowned Hyperco range is now being distributed by Nimbus Motorsport.

Hyperco is the world leader in high performance suspension coils and related components. The Hyperco Hydraulic Load Centering Spring Perches substantially improve performance by allowing the spring forces to remain centred on the platform. By precise shaping of the sealing wall of both the perch and cylinder body, the perch can freely tilt as needed to evenly distribute the load over the face of the perch. The result, a reduction of bending load on the shock absorber of up to 96% along with an enhancement in mechanical grip at the tyre.


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