The only way to succeed in motorsport is to have the right products for the right job at the right time; a simple principle that lies at the heart of everything Nimbus Motorsport does. Nimbus Motorsport have built their enviable reputation by only supplying those products that they fully understand and can reliably recommend to their customers.


Nimbus Motorsport are one of Europe's leading suppliers of performance enhancing products. We stock the full range of Heat Management solutions from both Design Engineering and Thermo-Tec, as well as the semi rigid aluminium Nimbus Heat Shield materials.

Torco Racing Oils provide racer and enthusiast with a superb product range covering everything you would need to maintain and improve the performance of your Engine and transmission. Hybrid ceramic ball bearings from Worldwide Bearings bring a substantial performance advantage to any motorsport application. We also stock the full range of Ringers Hand Protection products designed specifically to satisfy the demands of professional mechanics and pit crew as well as providing protective gloves for the oil and gas industry and the emergency services.

Hypercoil high quality suspension springs are designed to provide long lasting consistent performance under all conditions and give you race winning results.
Design Engineering also promote Ny-Trex Nitrous Oxide systems and CryO2 Carbon Dioxide Intake charge cooling systems offering instant Horse Power at the press of a button.

Nimbus Motorsport carry in stock the complete range of Varley Red Top racing batteries both lead/acid and lithium versions. Additionally we can also offer the complete SuperB range of Lithium batteries, powerful, lightweight and low maintenance these batteries represent the next generation of battery for all serious racers.

The System 1 Oil & fuel Filter Range uses micro fine stainless steel elements which can be varied to best suit the grade of oil being used and can be easily removed, cleaned and replaced meaning that you may never need to buy another oil filter.

Last but not least we supply three leading brands of Race Fuel: VP, Torco and Fuse all blended to provide the maximum performance and safety to racers who are looking to gain that margin of advantage over their competitors in all aspects of racing.

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